Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Divine World Sequel

What? You thought this blog was only about Cities of the Dead? Hardly.

Been working on the sequel to The Divine World, my attempt to modernize the swords 'n' sandals genre of fantasy by bringing it into the modern era. Right now it's at about 25,000 words and is nearly done. Yeah: nearly done.

Since I'm doing this non-traditionally - I'm an indie writer - I've decided to chuck the "novel a year" model that most writers use and go with something more akin to serialization. That means I'll put out a new story - Divine World series - about once a quarter. I expect them to be novella or short-story length and I'll charge less than I would for a novel (probably).

I expect I'll still write novels, too. I've got some non-DW stories in me that I want to tell, and, if I can get around to it, I've got a "sequel" to Cities of the Dead that I really want to write.

Anyway, the sequel to The Divine World is tentatively called "Of Monsters and Men" and is about 100 pages of 8x11 paper. I have to finish the final two chapters and then go through the re-write process, which means it should be ready for release in December. It'll go up as an eBook and maybe in paperback through Createspace, since it doesn't cost anything but time to offer it that way, too.

And, then, I'll start the third story in The Divine World series. Unless CotD takes off and readers want more of that universe, in which case I might change gears.