Tuesday, March 03, 2015

This Is Not The Reality You've Been Searching For

So, I watched ep. 1 of House of Cards' newest season last night, and again I was astounded by the alternate reality of politics and news media the show displays. We have Republicrats and Demoplicans in charge of the government and a truth-seeking news media hounding them for honest governing. I get that it's fiction and the writers are striving for drama and intrigue, but it's enough to make you gag at the willful misrepresentation of what is actually going on in reality. Through the looking glass madness, it is.
But I guess a television show about leftwing totalitarians hollowing out a political party and lying about its agenda while a complacent "opposition party" sits idly by while the news media hails the former and shames the latter while the citizens live through an economic depression is too much to ask.
This explains why there are so many television shows depicting dystopian futures...(and, perhaps, why marijuana legalization is so popular these days)