Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Of Monsters and Men - Now Available!

"Of Monsters and Men" is now available through Smashwords! Free this week only. It's the sequel to "The Divine World," and our hero David Arris is forced to confront another hidden reality of the world.

In the first story, Arris - a member of a super-elite ultra-black ops commando team - finds himself confronted with a wizard living on a hidden island in The Bermuda Triangle. In this follow-up, Arris is on a mission to eliminate a terrorist encampment inside Iran when a beast of ancient origins is disturbed and takes action against both the terrorists and his special operations team. Confronted with two outsize threats, Arris must choose a course of survival while trying to maintain operational security.

It's a tightly-plotted action-adventure set in the modern world with a heady dose of realistically-done supernatural elements. The "real" world gets even stranger for Arris as he realizes legends and fairy tales may actually be based on real-life history.

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