Friday, August 02, 2013

To Blog or Not To Blog

You know, I used to write a blog. Nobody read it. So, even though my better instincts tell me that I need to sell my fiction by blogging, by creating a community of readers, part of me says, "meh."

So, anyway, a half-hearted post here to let you know I'm writing something new. Not another zombie book (I'd write another if the other one sells and a sequel seemed ... profitable).  Given my writing discipline, it'll probably be out next spring. I'm at page 100 right now, which is a good indication it's going to achieve a live birth (lots of my stories die in the first twenty pages)..

The behind-the-scenes stuff keep the writing a slow pace, these days: part-time job, occasional contractor job, and, EXCITING, a possible new part-time job that could turn into a full-time job. None of which will stop the writing (it's a mental disorder at this point), but could slow it. But there is a new story - a novel - on the way. And, if I get time, I may upload as eBooks some of my earlier unpublished "literary" works. I've got like five novels and a short-story collection that've never been seen. So, if time allows.

The muse can be a bitch at times. But you can't write without one.

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