Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Last Rewrite of CotD is Done

So, for whatever reason, I started going through my paperback copy of CotD and was astonished - well, not really - to find minor "technical glitches" throughout. Most of them were missing words that didn't change the sense of a sentence, but did make the sentence not read correctly. A couple of the mistakes were changes in a description of something from one scene to the next. So, I spent a couple of weeks reading the stories very slowly, marking the mistakes with post-it notes. And, today, I went through the digital files and corrected the mistakes.

I'll put the clean files up soon - maybe tomorrow - and then I have to get back to the work of writing the new novel, which is slogging by a page or two a day, on days I have time to write. So, in the very near future, the eBook versions and paperback text should all be more-or-less "professional grade."

The lesson learned from this is not to do my edits on the computer screen, but on paper. I must get lazy looking at the screen and scrolling down, looking for errors. On paper, they just jump out at you.

And in "exciting" news, I attended my first-ever Book Release Event. One of the shorts in CotD was accepted into an anthology produced by the Main Line Writers Group, of which I am a member. (We hired outside editors to do the judging, and all submissions were anonymous, so it wasn't a pure vanity project). There were more than fifty submissions, and twenty-one were accepted.

It was a fun first to lose my cherry on an official book release party, and it was weird to sign autographs, but someday I hope to be the only author in the room, promoting my latest book. Because the groupies would all be mine.

Anyway, Unclaimed Baggage: Voices of the Main Line Writers Group is available through Createspace and will be up on Amazon soon. I'll provide a link when I get one. My story in it is "Days Go By," and I had to do a small bit of re-write before I submitted it, so this collection is, technically, the first spot where that revamped story appears. Get it for historical purposes if you're a collector!

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