Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Reset Button, Pushed

So, yesterday my kids went back to school and I couldn't believe another summer had evaporated so quickly. They seemed longer when I was younger. Pretty good summer, though: a week at Bethany Beach, MD, for the annual beach vacaction; a long weekend in Point Lookout, NY, for the end-of-sunmmer catch-up with an old flight school buddy and our families; a day of batting cages/mini-golf; a trip to a trampoline park the name-of-which-I-can't-rmember; and, a long weekend traveling by RV to Oshkosh, WI for the EAA airshow where I saw the Thunderbirds perform, which was cool.

Did I mention I wrote the first chapter to the third installment of The Divine World? I have to get back on the stick with that.

I also started doing P90X again. Today was plyo. Bleh. Although, I have to say, several years ago when I was doing it daily, I was in the best shape of my life and sporting a nice trim figure. Then I switched over to barbell training and became kinda strong but pudgy. We'll see where I am in 88 more days...

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