Friday, September 05, 2014

What I'm Reading

Okay, at some point this year I basically stopped reading. Kinda. Sorta. Mostly. Usually, I've got a book or three going (and, really, I've kinda, sorta got two going, now), but for the last couple of months, I haven't been "reading. " Weird, I know.

Firstly, I've been reading Flight of the Eagle by Conrad Black for almost a year, now. It's a ten-thousand page long book about how the different presidents of America have used US diplomacy to forge the America we live in today. Interesting. Fascinating. And, too many details. So, like, three pages a day, maybe.

Secondly, I've been buying my fiction at the thrift shop, just because. I picked up a copy of William Gibson's Zero History because I liked some other stuff I've read by him. This book, though ... well, I'm about a third of the way through it (in, say, three months of reading) and it leaves me flat. I'm not sure what the story is about, and the characters are, well, not really worth the journey of finding out what the story is about. If you get my drift.

I'm also sort-of reading Gated, which was gifted to me by a neighbor who is related to the author and who knows I'm a writer. It's YA fiction, which leaves me flat, mostly. So far, no tension, and it's a thriller, of sorts. I get a page or four in every once-in-a-while.

So, my reading list is depressing my desire to read, because none of it really grabs me. What about you?

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